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Red flags are the early warnings to recognize a potentially violent situation. It is crucial to recognize dating violence before you are in too deep and there is no easy way out.

    Your partner makes threats of violence.
    Your partner is obsessed with dominating and controlling you.
    Your partner is sexually possessive and often degrades or humiliates you.
    You know your dating partner abused a former girlfriend.
    Your partner accepts or defends the use of violence.
    You fear your partner's actions.
    Your partner is defensive when asked about the relationship.

Do you:
    Feel less confident and good about yourself when you're with him/her?
    Feel scared or worried about doing or saying "the wrong thing" to your dating partner?
    Frequently apologize or make excuses for your dating partner's behavior?
    Give up things that used to be important, such as friends or activities?​​

Domestic Violence

Does your partner:
    Have sudden and extreme mood swings, between extremely positive and extremely negative behaviors, words, and attitudes?
    Try to control you - by using coercion and threats, using intimidation, making all of the significant decisions in your relationship, try to dictate what you wear, whom you speak and socialize with?
    Try to force you, pressure you, or manipulate you to engage in sexual acts or activities that are uncomfortable for you?

Relationship Red Flags