We cannot do this work alone!  Each year, hundreds of volunteers, donors, churches, and community members join us to eliminate domestic violence and sexual assault. ​You can offer financial support, donate items from our needs list, volunteer, support survivors, or attend an upcoming event. We’re glad to have you on our team!

Supporting Survivors

"I believe you." That simple phrase conveys support and acceptance to someone who has disclosed a sexual assault to you. Allow the survivor to speak openly and freely. Let them decide what they want to tell you about the assault – don’t force them to talk about it if they aren’t ready.  Here are some suggested responses that convey your support:

"I’m sorry this happened to you."
"You didn’t deserve for this to happen."
"This wasn’t your fault."
"How can I help you?"

Most victims of sexual assault feel as though they are somehow to blame for their own assault.  Especially in acquaintance rape/date rape situations, victims often feel as though they should have done something different or seen it coming.  While this is a normal response, it’s important that as a support person you help the victim know that they are not to blame.  No one wants or asks to be sexually assaulted. 

Donating Supplies

We are almost always in need of the following items (click here for a printable list): 
Copy Paper
Laundry Detergent and dish soap
Toilet bowl cleaner and brushes
Fast Food Gift Cards
Pocket folders
Toilet paper
Snacks, such as granola bars, rice krispy treats, pretzels, and cookies
Supplies for school presentations, including Starburst jelly beans, Play Dough, and sidewalk chalk

Join Us!

Volunteer Opportunities

​More than 50 volunteers provided more than 10,000 hours of their time to support the work of The Bridge last year. We'd love to have you join us! Volunteer opportunities include the following:

We can use your listening skills! You can provide a first response to our crisis calls right from your own phone during non-business hours. You will be trained to provide adequate advocacy to survivors or victims of domestic violence and sexual assault, and staff back-up will always be available. You must be 19 years old and must complete training and a background check.  

Our weekend advocates are on call from Friday at 4 p.m. until Sunday at 4 p.m. The position pays $100/weekend, and staff back-up will always be available. Duties include receiving direct phone calls from law enforcement and hospital personnel, speaking with victims of domestic violence and sexual assault, responding in person to a hospital or police station in order to meet with victims, making arrangements for safe shelter, and answering the crisis line when needed. This opportunity is available after some crisis line experience.

CHILDCARE. The Bridge provides childcare for daytime and evening support groups. Childcare volunteers supervise children during meetings and activities, maintaining an atmosphere of non-violence while allowing children to express themselves in a healthy, safe, engaging environment.

Other volunteer opportunities include staffing booths at community outreachevents, providingoffice assistance, doingyard workand supporting ourannual fundraising events.

If you are interested in volunteering, please fill out our volunteer application, then email it to info@bridgefromviolence.com or drop it off at our Fremont office. 

Financial Contributions

You can support The Bridge by giving a monetary donation online or by mailing to P.O. Box 622, Fremont, NE 68026. Thank you for your support!